windows and doors
according to
your request

windows and doors
according to
your request

Wooden doors, windows and stairs on special order


Before choosing a new Front or Back door, consider carefully the design and age of your home. We will replace your old doors with new ones, we will measure and mount them. All doors are manufactured on special orders and client can choose between all the colours from colour catalouge. The doors can be made sound-and fireproof.


External doors are the most popular products in our company. We offer doors which can open from inside or outside and they are water-resistants.
The styles of external doors available:

  • External panelled doors
  • Precious wood panelled doors
  • French doors
  • Veneer covered doors
  • Resistant MDF covered doors


We manufacture both panelled and french doors. The doors are manufactured accordingly our clients desired. For french doors we mount glass, glass package or vitraaz. Most popular materials are pine, oak and ash. The doors can be covered with veneer. The doros are stained, varnished or painted. 


Windows are the eyes of houses.
We provide windows on the basis on inquiry and most of them are best suitable for renovated houses and buildings within the city of Tallinn´s Old Town and it´s neighborhood. We also make windows for modern houses which does not look similar for the common windows. All windows are prepared under inquiry. We provide the fire and noise proof windows for offices, apartments or industrial buildings. Mainly used materials are pine and oak. We make windows with frames opening inside and outside. Windows frames opens to sides. Fittings for the windows are industrial or antique. With the client request we also make window boards for them.

Our made windows you can see:    Tallinna Balletikool
                                                                Muinsuskaitse Ameti hoone, Poska tn.
                                                                Õie 21 
                                                                Maakri 19/21
                                                                Pikk 51
                                                                Tallinna Transpordikool
                                                                Kohtu 3
                                                                Mäekalda 3
                                                                Kaupmehe tn 8


Stairs are often the most important elements on interior design. Stairs are designed and constructed accordingly clients needs. At the most common materials are pine, oak, ash and birch. Very popular are veneer covering stairs. Depending on the concept of interior stairway may be covered in natural lacquer, stained or lubricated.
Stairs can be done:

  • straight
  • reverse with 90°
  • reverse with 180°
  • reverse with 360°